Connecticut, CT

Connecticut is the southernmost state of the New England region of the eastern United States.  One of the Thirteen Colonies, Connecticut is the 48th largest state in the United States.  The state benefited heavily from the Industrial Revolution and saw the development of the world’s first telephone exchange in New Haven.

Manufacturing was originally the primary source of economic output and remains a significant part of Connecticut’s economy although it has been surpassed by financing and insurance businesses as the economy diversified in the 20th century.  Agriculture, specifically fishing and livestock, remains a small but essential to state economics.  Connecticut’s long history furnish it with many historic locations and traditions popular with tourists and museums relating to the state’s colonial and seafaring past abound.

Connecticut is a densely populated state with the largest concentrations found along the coast and running inland into the center of the state.  Much of the current population concentrations still sit in the areas in which the old settlements and colonies that originally formed to create the State of Connecticut were founded.


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